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Leopard Wall of Fame

The Leopard Wall of Fame is in The Rader Dome on the Liberty-Eylau High School campus. It showcases former Leopard athletes, coaches, and contributors who have helped to showcase Liberty-Eylau Athletics. You can nominate someone from the Leopard Wall of Fame by clicking HERE.

Nominees must meet the following qualifications:


  1. The Wall of Fame will recognize outstanding male and female athletes, coaches, and significant contributors. Significant contributors include booster club presidents, parent volunteers, team doctors, corporate donors, etc.

  2. Athletes will become eligible at least 10 yrs. after graduation

  3. Coaches 5 yrs. after accomplishing first milestone (State Championship) or 5 yrs. from retiring from coaching.

  4. Contributors 5 yrs. after retiring from contribution service (booster club, etc.) or 5 yrs. after initial contribution (donation).

  5. Athletes-must have made a milestone contribution to his or her sport. Typically this would be attainment of

    • High School-All State (1st team) individual state champion, (track tennis, golf, etc.) state MVP in classification, Texas High school sports hall of fame, School record holder 10 or more years. 

    • College-Collegiate All American, All Conference Selection (SEC, Big 12, etc.) NCAA Hall of Fame, School Hall of Fame (LSU. ARK, etc .... ) Individual awards (freshman of the year, bowl MVP, Heisman, etc ... ) 

    • Professional Sports-NFL (1 or more yrs.) MLB (1 or more yrs.) NBA (1 or more yrs.) Other to be determined as it occurs (golf, tennis, bowling, Soccer, volleyball, Olympics.) 

  6. Coaches-must have made a milestone contribution based on state championships, district championships, playoff appearances, and a winning percentage of 70% or more on games coached at L-E for at least 10 yrs. 

    • Other-(High School, College, Professional) for those Leopards who have gone on and became successful coaches at other high schools, colleges, or for professional teams. Milestone contribution as AD, head coach, coordinator, position coach. (Bowl Game, National Championship, conference championship, state title, super bowl, World Series etc .... ) 

  7. The nominees must also exemplify character while representing L-E., must be a positive role model for all current and future Leopards.


Selection Committee Rules

  1. Waiting periods-10 years for athletes, 5 years for contributors and coaches after retirement or when milestone is reached. Time is needed to determine whether the person nominated is indeed a good role model and morally sound.

  2. Applications will be submitted online where they will be kept on file pending selection.

  3. Applications will be kept on file for five years. By keeping all nominations we will be able to reconsider worthy people who were not selected previously. After five years a person may be re-nominated.

  4. All nominations will be submitted to LEISD by May 31 of each year leaving ample time to locate inductees, order name plates, order plaques, obtain pictures and memorabilia.

  5. Inductees will be announced each year during home coming football game.

  6. Induction ceremony will be held at home basketball game (location of Wall of Fame). It gives more people an opportunity to be actively involved.

  7. Selection of and induction onto the Wall of Fame may be limited to five individuals per year because the induction needs to be something special and we don't want to fill up all the available space in the first few years.

  8. Memorabilia will be displayed in the lobby area of the Rader Dome, the media center, and the hallways of both campuses.