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Google Certified Educators

Liberty-Eylau ISD Google Certified Educators

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The Google Certified Educator Level 1 is designed for educators and classroom teachers who wish to demonstrate proficiency in using Google for Education tools. Google provides FREE online training and practice. 

Level 1 Google Certified Educators

Ronnie Thompson
LEISD Superintendent



    Denise Webb
LEHS Speech/ACT Prep


Nancy Henderson
PEIMS Coordinator





Zach Fowler
LEHS Teacher/Coach
Karan Wilkes
LE Elementary




Thays Caudle
LE Elementary


      Julie Ratcliff
ECC Asst Principal






Tiffani Neal
  Jessica Hoover




Jennifer Overmyer
PREK Teacher

Dana Walker
HS Teacher
  Katherine Snowden
PREK Teacher



Kristin Henderson
PREK Teacher

  Yolanda Watkins
PREK Teacher
Pamela Thompson
PREK Teacher



Gloria Harrison
PREK Secretary
    Vickie Davis
PREK Teacher



Ursula Johnson
LEHS CTE Teacher





Brooke Haugh
Superintendent Administrative Asst.
Brandy Burnett
HR Director
Teresa Robinson
ECC Principal
Mende Stiles
MS Science



Cynthia Tyous
Rachel Overmyer




Allison Brown
Julie Byrd
HS Media Specialist


  Alicia Hall
Melinda Jewell
ECC Counselor
  Alicia Hall Melinda Jewell  





Mary Eason
ECC Computer Lab

Mary Eason





Doris Johnson
MS Teacher
  Machell Riles
MS Attendance
Doris Johnson   Machell Riles  




  Kenyatta Williamson
ECC Teacher
A. Denise Thomas
Deborah Evans
MS Content Mastery
  Kenyatta Williamson Denise Thomas Deborah Evans


Gwendolyn Chatman
Diane Niemeyer
At Risk Coordinator 
  Gwendolyn Chatman Diane Niemeyer  


Melanie Smith
Special Education Secretary
Stephanie Goodman
Melanie Smith Stephanie Goodman    


Embedded Image The Google Certified Educator Level 2 is designed for those educators who are a super user and enthusiast of the Google tools in the classroom. This certification proves your expertise. Level 2 indicates that an educator is able to successfully integrate a wider range of Google for Education tools and other technologies in order to transform their teaching practice. 

Level 2 Google Certified Educators


Thays Caudle
LE Elementary




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The Google for Education Certified Innovator is designed for education leaders who create new and innovative projects using Google for Education tools. Candidates are selected based on their professional experience, their passion for teaching and learning, their innovative use of technology in school setting and their impact on other educators. You must apply and be accepted for the Innovation Academy. 



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The Google for Education Certified Trainer is designed for individuals who deliver professional development to other educators. This program requires you to have experience delivering training on Google for Education Tools. Candidates must demonstrate subject-matter expertise by completing five certifications, completing a valid application (with video, resume, and case study).  Google accepts and reviews applications every quarter.