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Family Access

About Family Access

Maintaining open lines of communication between the school and home is vital to achieve the common goal of providing the best quality education to every student.  Skyward's Family Access allows easy, open lines of communication between the school and home.  Students and parents can login to view attendance, grades, schedules and student discipline. Family Access is available anywhere with an internet connection.


How can I obtain access?

If your student is a current LEISD student, and you do not already have access to Family Access, contact your child's campus, or fill out one of the registration forms below. If you have students on multiple campuses you only have to go to one campus to register. If you are new to LEISD, you will be granted access to Family Access when you enroll your student through registration process. 


Online Family Access Application

Printed Family Access Application


Family Access Log In

Want to use Family Access on your phone or other mobile device?

Portable access to your student's information is a great way to stay connected even while on the go. Parents can see what class their child is in, or their grade on the latest exam.  Choose between accessing info through your wi-fi network, or wirelessly on your handheld device. Skyward Family Mobile Access - Download the mobile app that gives you complete access to your student's information right from your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  The answer to your family's on the go needs. 

Parent Mobile Tutorial

Skyward Mobile (iPhone)
Skyward Mobile (Android)
Skyward Mobile (Windows Mobile)