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2018-2019 LEYA Sports 

2018-2019 Basketball Skills Exhibition:

Saturday, November 17th, 2018 at Liberty-Eylau Middle School

1st & 2nd-grade boys and girls start at 10:00 AM

3rd and 4th-grade boys and girls start at 11:00 AM

5th and 6th-grade boys and girls at 12:00 PM


All registration forms and costs are due on or before skills day.

Registration costs for all age groups is $50


Games will begin in December.  Any parent or guardian interested in coaching may complete a volunteer form. To access the form, click on the link below that says Volunteer Form. The form is also available at your child’s campus or at the LEISD Administration building. This form must be completed and turned into the Administration Building AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 

Practices will be held on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday Between 5pm and 8pm for one hour per day.  There will be a maximum of two 1 hour practices per week. Times will depend on your coaches schedule.  


Click the link to check out our LEYA Facebook Page!


This program is open to LEISD students, students whose parents work in the district, and any student who lives in the Liberty-Eylau school zone and is in 1st - 6th grade.  *There will be separate boy and girl divisions.*

For more information on LEYA contact Chad Turner or Bradley Haugh:

*Chad Turner – 903-832-1535 or

*Brad Haugh – 903-559-1276 or

LEYA Registration Form
Volunteer Form


Full Width School related picture
Full Width School related picture
Full Width School related picture