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TAPR Report

TAPR Report

Texas Education Code Chapter 39 requires each district's board of trustees to publish an annual report that includes the TAPR, campus performance objectives, a report of violent or criminal incidents, and information recieved under Texas Education Code §51.403(e) from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The board of trustees shall hold a hearing for public discussion of the report and they shall widely disseminate the report within the district.

Most Recent Annual Report

LEISD TAPR Public Report

2017-2018 District Accreditation Staus

2017-2018 Gun Free Schools Report 

2017-2018 Report of Violent or Criminal Incidents 

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Report

School Violence Prevention Policies  ( type “violence prevention” in search box) 

School Violence Prevention Procedures 

Financial Actual Report 2016-2017 

2018-2019 Campus Performance Objectives-

L-E Early Childhood Center

L-E Elementary School

L-E Middle School

L-E High School