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Graduation 2020 Info

Liberty-Eylau High School Class of 2020

Graduates and Respective Parents or Guardians,

With the scheduled graduation item pickup this Thursday, many of you may have questions. Hopefully this will address some of them.

LEISD is committed to having a graduation ceremony in some format.  We whole-heartedly understand the need to celebrate with family and friends the success that our seniors have achieved.

Currently graduation is scheduled for May 21st at Harris Field. It was moved to the LE football stadium before COVID-19 due to fire damage at First Baptist Church.  

All eligible Seniors will graduate – no matter what – in order to allow students to officially move forward with post-high school planning.  If social distancing orders are relaxed, we will host our traditional graduation ceremony as scheduled. 

But what if social distancing orders are still in place on May 21st? Well, we have some other options that we are going to consider. We may host a graduation on May 21st with a limited audience, host an online virtual graduation, or schedule a graduation in late June.

Be on the lookout for a survey we will send in the coming days to get some input from our seniors with graduation ceremony options.  

Whatever the case is we will have some sort of graduation ceremony. We look forward to seeing you when you come to pick up your graduation items this Thursday.