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Posted Date: 01/11/2022



1. How did you get my name? Your name was provided to us from your school district as eligible for fully-funded home Internet through the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF).

2. What do I get? You are being offered Internet up to 50Mbps for 100% FREE. This includes professional installation, all monthly recurring taxes, fees and surcharges and any hardware and/or equipment required. All is 100% covered under the Emergency Connectivity Fund. Plus, your service includes Kinetic Secure for online security and protection as well as technical support.

3. Will I have 50Mbps at all times? Kinetic by Windstream will provision customer’s location for the fastest speed available up to 50Mbps, at the time of order but cannot guarantee speed or uninterrupted, error-free service.

4. Can I keep my existing service? Can I upgrade this offer to a higher speed and pay the difference? Kinetic’s ECF offer is only for customers who do not currently have service, but existing customers may be eligible for bill credits via the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB).

5. How do I get the service installed? If your household address is serviceable by Kinetic, our team will contact you to discuss the internet plan and next steps. They will also coordinate the installation day and time with you.

6. Will the school manage my service in addition to paying the bill? Internet service-related questions and concerns should be directed to Kinetic by Windstream customer support at 855.451.4953. Program eligibility questions should be directed to your school.

7. How long does the program last? The program is consistent with the school year and the length is pending the amount of funding available once all eligible requests have been funded. Currently, the funding will last at least throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

8. What if I have multiple kids? Do I get multiple connections? Also, can I get a faster speed if needed? Is 50Mbps enough? The program supports one connection, up to 50Mbps per household. If you have multiple members of your household online at the same time, 50Mbps should be sufficient speed to support this. The current ECF plan does not allow for speed upgrades. With your plan, you have access to the Go Kinetic app which includes WiFi Manager to help control and customize your connection and experience. Here you can perform speed tests, view connected devices, signal strength, and recommendations to improve your Wi-Fi performance. Visit to get started.

9. Can I keep the service once the program has ended? In the event the program is discontinued, Kinetic Customer Care will work with you to transition your account and service. The standard monthly internet, speed and modem rates will apply at this time. If the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) is still available, you may apply for the EBB monthly bill credit in place of ECF. Visit Covid-Relief for more information on EBB.

10. How can I reach Kinetic with any questions about my service? 855.451.4953

11. Do I have to accept this offer of service from the district? No, you are free to retain your own internet connectivity, or you may also engage Kinetic via the EBB program. To learn more about EBB, visit

12. What is Kinetic Secure? What does it do, and how do I use it? Kinetic Secure is award-winning internet security and protection for your family and devices. This includes virus protection, device management, content filtering, parental controls and more, for at home use and on-the-go. Your security package also includes 24/7 premium technical support. Once your internet is installed, all devices connected to your Kinetic Wi-Fi Gateway are automatically protected and can be managed through the Go Kinetic app. For on-the-go protection, additional action is needed. After your internet installation is complete, you will receive an email with everything you need to know and next steps.

13. What happens if I move? If you move, you are able to retain this free service pending your new household address is serviceable for Kinetic by Windstream internet. You will need to notify the school of your move and new address and they will take the necessary steps with Kinetic by Windstream. You may also call into the ECF team at 855.451.4953 to determine the serviceability of your new address and make necessary changes to your account. If your new address is not serviceable for Kinetic by Windstream, you will need to work with the school to determine other means of funded connectivity through a different provider.

14. What if I think my eligibility status has changed? The school manages eligibility, and you should work with school administrators to manage any changes.

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